Besides just having an absolute blast at our clubs and events, at the heart of SuperPirates is a mission to inspire your kids be the most totally awesome versions of themselves. We acknowledge - and embrace - the impact we can have as a collective of role models. Our aim is to champion your children; helping them to believe in their greatness and to live a life full of happiness, contribution, growth and goodness.


What do we think makes someone totally awesome? We’ve broken it down into four totally awesome superpowers, each one playfully represented by a Rune - The Runes of Awesome.

Look out for your kids occasionally coming home and mentioning that they were told how awesome they were that day, perhaps covered in stickers!


Creativity - artistry in all forms, originality, making things and doing things.

Curiosity - to question, to learn and to develop knowledge and skills.

Courage - to do the right thing, to be yourself, to challenge your fears in order to grow.

Kindness - to be kind to yourself, to others and to the planet.

If you’re a school, we’re currently offering free inspirational assemblies. We use our ability to communicate with kids in a fun and engaging way to share a very important message - what it means to be an awesome kid and human being! Get in touch to arrange a visit.