Besides just having an absolute blast at our clubs and events, at the heart of SuperPirates is a mission to inspire your kids be the most totally awesome versions of themselves. We acknowledge - and embrace - the impact we can have as a collective of role models. Our aim is to champion your children; helping them to believe in their greatness and to live a life full of happiness, contribution, growth and goodness.


What do we think makes someone totally awesome? We’ve broken it down into four totally awesome superpowers, each one playfully represented by a Rune - The Runes of Awesome.


Creativity; original ideas and thinking outside the box.

Curiosity; asking questions, experimenting and exploring, seeking to develop skills and knowledge.

Courage; challenging your fears in order to do the right thing / to grow as a person / to be you / to help others.

Kindness; to be kind to yourself, to be kind to others, to be kind to the planet.

If you send your children to our clubs, they may occasionally come home covered in Runes of Awesome stickers. Now you know what they mean.


We’re planting trees with our awesomeness by supporting teamtrees.org. As children earn their Runes, we make donations, helping to combat climate change and habitat loss. Every Rune buys a tree. Tree count since September: 97.

Awesome for everyone

We want SuperPirates to be accessible to everybody. That’s why when you book a birthday party with us, you can choose to donate a little bit extra for someone else to have a totally awesome party too. We’ll match your donation and use the fund to offer community groups and charities free parties! Such groups may wish to gift the party to an individual that really deserves it.

We’re also working on parties and clubs targeted specifically at children with additional needs. Big plans are coming in 2020!

School Assemblies

If you’re a school, we’re currently offering free inspirational assemblies. We use our ability to communicate with kids in a fun and engaging way to share a very important message - what it means to be a totally awesome kid and human being. We get kids thinking about: what it means to be a hero, how failing to succeed is a process and not an outcome, and we explore the philosophy behind our Runes. Get in touch to arrange a visit.