Amazing birthday parties. Zero stress. 

At SuperPirates we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional children's parties, every time.  We have a pretty simple recipe for our success: outstanding equipment and awesome staff.  You can relax and enjoy your child's big day whilst we go bananas and give your guests an absolute blast.  When you book, we'll also create your invitations, ready to share and sent . 

Below, we have 3 great party packages to choose from.  If you've got a larger budget, we're bursting with ideas so get in touch and we can chat about how we can go big!

In the words of a happy mum.....  "Seriously, these guys rock! Attended the very best children's party ever today and I've been to A LOT of children's parties! Child focused, non-patronising, totally inclusive and engaging without any pressure. Not a single tear was shed (not unhappy ones anyway, I had tears of laughter) and that's saying something for a room of 30 kids for two hours! Total respect for these guys; they've nailed it...."  


⚡ The Super Party

A Super Party is two hours long and can be held at any spacious venue, such as a village hall or garden. This party best suits children aged 3 - 7 and can be tailored to meet your desired theme.

Two of our SuperPirates arrive early to set up an amazing playroom; expect barrels full of toys, things for buildings dens, crafty bits, table football, soft play, giant Jenga, stepping stones and all sorts of wacky things to ride on and jump off!  We also bring a great sound-system. 

When children arrive we let them get settled in at their own pace - there's no pressure but lots of exploring to do. We'll do face painting and when confidence is bubbling we'll invite children to play wacky group games. Half way through we'll have a 20 minute pit-stop for party food and cake. Once the the candles have been blown out, we turn the lasers on and have a fun disco, enjoying classic dancing games with a SuperPirates twist!




This party is two hours long and best suits 6+ year olds. It can be held at any venue with enough room to dance in but ideally should be nice and dark!

We start the party with a totally jazzy makeover. Expect jewellery making, fancy dress, wild face paints, hair spray and loads and loads of glitter.  What's more, since we need energy for dancing and like to spoil ourselves; SuperPirates will organise a gorgeous little chocolate fondu for children to dive into, compete with fruit kebabs, marshmallows, sprinkles and dips.   

We bring our best raving tunes, loads that the kids will love, and a fantastic sound-system.  Children will go bananas as they glow fantastically under our party lights and enjoy a bunch of mad dancing games. This is not a typical children's disco, it is supercharged and super fun. Like with the Super Party, we set up an awesome playroom, so anyone who's not bonkers about dancing will still have loads to enjoy! There will be a pitstop half way through for your food and cake.  



⚡ Nerf War⚡

A Nerf War is two hours long.  A village hall makes a perfect battleground but we can be flexible. This party is appropriate for children 7+ years.

If you're looking for a fight, SuperPirates are the crew to get it started. We arrive at your venue with ammo boxes full of Nerf guns, bullets and protective gear. Together we'll draw up invasion plans, build forts, make ourselves look the part with war paints and play a range of battle games. To a backdrop of smoke, laser lights and big bass tunes, your child's party won't be forgotten.  

We'll take charge of all the action so it's up to you whether you take cover or take up arms! After an hour we'll make peace for 20 minutes to eat some rations and birthday cake before diving back into the action!




How many children can I invite?  

If you're hiring a typical village hall, for Super Parties and Disco Raves you can invite the whole class. For Nerf War parties we recommend groups of no more than 20 children. 

How do I book?

 First, get in touch to check our availability.  To secure a date you'll need to pay a deposit on our website. 

What about a venue? 

We leave the venue booking to you. Village halls are a great option. We love to get outdoors, so if you've got a nice big garden, then this is great - just think about a wet weather plan. 

How about party food, cake and party bags?  

Right now, we focus on delivering amazing entertainment. We do have some big plans in the pipeline but we're not ready just yet! 

I'm looking for something different. Can you help?

Yes, if you want something extra special and have a bigger budget then drop us a line. We've got no shortage of ideas, contacts and resources to make your party the talk of the playground.