Truly imaginative, fun and attentive care from these guys, who really know how to play with your children properly.
— a happy dad





A holiday club like no other; your children will hammer, saw and drill their way through the day, building a junk town out of locally sourced recycled materials. 

Children start by designing. Once the blueprints are drawn and we've talked through the plan, we get building! Children can create anything they like; last year we made a skate park, train station, sweet shop, a motorbike, a theatre and much more. Interestingly, we didn't make a single 'house.'  Under our watchful eye, your children will have the opportunity to use 'grown up' tools such as drills, hammers and saws. We build to last, with pride and smiling faces!  

We also set up an awesome play area with circus toys, scooters are sports equipment, so should your architects need a break they can kick back and relax. We love to play!   

If you’ve been with us before, we’d love to know what you think - give us feedback.


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