Totally Awesome Dance Workshop!

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Totally Awesome Dance Workshop!


This is the beginning of a new and extremely cool adventure!  Xavier is a professional dancer, Maya is a self taught wizard of movement; both are SuperPirates! This is not your average dance class. We have put together a special dance workshop, focusing on having fun and inspiring your kids to use their bodies in exciting new ways. 

No grades, no rights or wrongs, just exploring movement with music, and inspiring each other to learn new skills!

First thing's first: You need to REGISTER your child with SuperPirates before joining this club. 

Who's it for? Class for all abilities. Ages 7 - 13. 

When and where? Saturday 14th April, Widcombe Social Club. 10pm-12pm

What's their jam?  Hip Hop, Pop, UpBeat Contemporary, Jazz.

What skills will your child develop? Balance, posture, flexibility, strength, confidence, creativity, rhythm and technique.

What do parents do?  You can either stay or go, up to you. So long as you have completed a registration form, we're good to look after your kids. 

Accessibility? The building has wheelchair access and disabled toilets. Dancing is for everybody! 

What will my child need? Energy, a water bottle and comfortable trainers.


Let's Dance! 

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