SuperPirates 2018 Resolutions

Another fantastic, busy, exciting and fun-filled year is over, and another is about to begin...

Reflection is a key part of development, so we must back look at what we have learned when planning our next steps. As a small company we are still able to study our progress closely and make improvements before we expand into new areas. As usual, we are excitedly anticipating what this new year will bring, so we have set ourselves three resolutions to help us stay focused.

Confetti Cannon

SuperPirates New Year's Resolutions for 2018

1) Do less, but do it better. 

We took on so many new projects in 2017, and had ideas for a million more; it was our busiest and most successful year yet! With over 150 events, from birthday parties, festival play areas to weddings and school parties, we learned a lot about what we needed to prioritise to make sure we keep standards high. We are fine tuning our systems this year to get the company running like clockwork so that we can take on exciting new projects! 

2) Support local farmers

Bath has an incredible network of independent businesses who support each other, and we want to contribute more towards that. Being surrounded by gorgeous countryside means we are also lucky to live in a city supplied with amazing fresh produce. We're going to start sourcing our food from local suppliers (please let us know your recommendations!) In 2017 we stopped buying meat for our after school clubs and none of the children even noticed! We want to leave a healthier planet behind for our awesome kids, and building an ethical company will support that.  

3) Make time for the team

We're all very busy people at SuperPirates. We have a huge range of interests, hobbies and commitments going on outside of our equally hectic work lives, so we don't find much time hang out! This year we are going to schedule in fun things to do outside of work and do some superhero style team building. Jason even said he would take us go Go Karting! 

We wish you all a very happy and healthy new year, and a big thank you for supporting us in 2017.