Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on our clubs. It will help us to see what we're getting right and what we can do better. It should only take 2 minutes!

A bit about you and your child
You can include siblings
Which club does your child attend?
Gender of your child?
Give us a score for the following (5 is high!)
1 (pants) 2 (socks) 3 (good but kinda meh) 4 (great) 5 (totally awesome)
Are we more Buddha or grumpha?
Keeping your child safe
Are you touching wood or sipping margaritas?
Having fun
What does your chid think to their time with us?
Are we sharing things with you and are we easy to talk to?
Do we look like we know what we're saying and doing?
Role models
Do we inspire your kids to be their most amazing self?
Don't expect a tuxedo. But we should look good and smell completely fantastic.
Snack time
How good is the grub that we feed your cubs?
Resources / equipment
Is our stuff pretty cool?
Our new booking system
Have you smashed your keyboard yet?
Being green
Do we show corporate responsibility for the planet? (we really want to!)
Almost there!
Is there anything we're doing really well? Are there improvements you'd like to see?